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BPL Source is passionate about the care that is being provided to patients in need through the critical and novel offering of, of pharmaceutical manufacturers, compounders, biotech firms & laboratories. Such therapies, being provided to the market, are critical to the health and well-being of so many patients and we respect all of our clients in the biopharma & supportive industries who, through their professional efforts, are actively making a difference in all of our communities. At BPL Source, we are proud to assist you on your health-improving endeavors & applaud all you do!

BPL Source is committed to the success of the biopharma, compounding & laboratory business sectors. As a distributor, BPL Source is supplying both sterile and non-sterile, large and small facilities with their cleanroom and lab material needs. However, BPL Source is not only able to offer supplies that meet site specifications & maintain on-time delivery schedules but is also able to provide further support to clients through their dedicated training & consultation division. This division is made up of pharmacists & quality personnel with hands-on industry experience.

BPL Source

This BPL Source, division provides clients with detailed quality & technical support both at client sites and through remote platforms. These experienced professionals offer product & material specific trainings or demonstrations, conduct mock-audits, write protocols, SOPs or regulatory response letters as well as are available to provide general advisement for issues that production or quality staff may run into related to supplies, materials and industry best-practice processes. This division showcases BPL Source commitment to quality & compliance which is ultimately able to support the continued excellence of our client’s practices.
BPL Source has been selected by some manufacturers to be an exclusive supplier for particular product lines due to their ability to demonstrate the technical knowledge required in use of such products as well as are also able to offer clients customization through several manufacturing partners. These key partnerships ensure that our clients can truly get the best of what they are seeking for their site’s unique needs.
So, what makes BPL Source different from the rest? Like our clients, BPL Source too is always in a state of continuous quality improvement & pushing themselves to do & be more. At BPL Source, we truly are committed to supply chain & storage quality. BPL Source has a brand new, expanded headquarters in Houston, TX which is able to provide nationwide reach. This facility has been designed with their client’s expectations & requirements in mind. In example, we have dedicated temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse storage that is supported with continuous monitoring. The BPL Source quality team is also currently in-process to obtain ISO 9001 accreditation for their new space – which is their fully voluntary way of demonstrating to the biopharma & supportive markets that they are committed to exceeding regulatory requirements in an effort to give client sites the best integrity in any of the product lines they store with and receive from us. With our southern hospitality always in full swing, the BPL Source team welcomes y’all to come and see our facility & quality first hand- all client auditors welcome!
At BPL Source, we strive for excellence in all client relationships & offer open communication, transparency & fairness as a priority in our business model. BPL Source puts our clients first & are here to support our client’s successes each step of the way. If you are not already, please consider making BPL Source your trusted distribution partner today!

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